Schedule of the economic forum Riyad 2022
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01 - Panel International Organizations

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Moderator :  SAIDA NEGHZA 

President of the General Confederation of Algerian Enterprises.

President of Business Africa (organization representing 45 employers organizations in the African continent).

Member of BusinessMed (organization including 22 employers' confederations from 19 countries on the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean).


Member of the Board of Directors of the International Labour Office.

Vice-President of the International Organization of Employers (I.O.E.) and Vice-President of Jobs For Africa.

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02 - Panel Health


Moderator :  CLINATEC / CEA

Clinatec is a unique biomedical research centre operated by the CEA and the Grenoble University Hospital for the subject-patient sector. It provides new solutions (treatments, diagnostic and investigative methods) that meet medical needs in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and disabilities. It brings together in one place all the players in innovation in micro-nanosystems for health: clinicians, biologists, mathematicians, micro-nanotechnology and signal processing engineers, etc. This proximity between players encourages the emergence of new solutions and accelerates clinical proof of concept and industrial transfers, for wide distribution to patients. Clinatec has a wide range of equipment and benefits from the developments and skills of the Minatec campus. 


The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a key player in research, development and innovation. 

CEA in figures :

9 research centres

20 181 employees

39 joint research units (UMR)

670 priority patents filed 

216 start-ups since 1972

5 billion euros budget

03 - Panel E-Sport & Gaming 



Afaf Aboudoulama is one of the rare experts in E- sport, creator of strategic content in this field; she successfully manages the Catleya agency. She created her show " Sport and Esport Business l'émission ! ", proposed on which attracts the greatest experts and renowned sportsmen. She proposes a regular meeting in collaboration with Forbes France to enlighten the actors of sports s and political leaders worldwide.

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04 - Panel Business Protection and Economic Intelligence


Moderator :  Ahmed MANAA 

Ahmed Manaa - State expert and auditor - President of PEIE company protection and economic intelligence, vice president of the GAPEIE group of actors of company protection and economic intelligence founding member - President of Partners Security Company. 

Graduate of the National Institute for Advanced Studies in Security and Justice (INHESJ)

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05 - Panel Beauty



Zayneb is a real phenomenon on the Web.
With a lifelong passion for the world of beauty, Zainab Razavy followed her own path in 2014 by launching Ayshglamm, an academy specializing in bridal makeup. In addition to her work as a makeup artist and trainer, Zainab Razavy was the first in France to develop the concept of master classes. A true American-style show, held three to four times a year. Emblematic character of the Beauty world. She collaborated with the famous Lebanese hairdresser Mounir and made up the famous Huda beauty and other influential personalities of the beauty world.

06 - Panel Sport 




Nadia Benabdelouahed is an expert in sports communication for international bodies and manager of several world champions. Former high level sportswoman and member of the French judo team. She is often consulted for technical questions concerning sports strategies. She received the Forbes award for Best Manager of Olympic and World Champions in Dubai.

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07 - Panel Blockchain - Crypto - Digital


Moderator : JAMAL SAAD


Director of Cybersecurity and Business Intelligence Operations. Certified (DPO, ISO 27005 LEAD RISK MANAGER, ISO 27002, ISO 27001 LEAD AUDITOR, LEAD IMPLEMENTER, EBIOS RM, ISO 27701 LEAD IMPLEMENTER). CERTIFIED TRAINER PECB, certified TRAINER EXIN.

Former IT Manager - Embassy of the United Arab Emirates. Graduated from INHESJ in business protection and economic intelligence. 

Areas of expertise : 

- Digital evidence analysis and security incident response.

- Methodologies: EBIOS RM (Member of the EBIOS club), PCA (Member of the Business Continuity Club), MEHARI,


- Technical security: Intrusion test, Cryptography, Authentication,

- Organisational security: Business Continuity Plan, ISO2700X standard

- Regulatory compliance audit: RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), LPM (Military Programming Law)

- Network administration: Switch (Nortel, Cisco), Firewall (Juniper, Lucent, Fortinet), TCP/IP, Security: SSL, VPN / IPSEC

- Systems: Windows (all versions, clients and servers), Linux (Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu)


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